Exploring Ireland’s Atlantic Way

Bundoran beach in Donegal, Ireland

If you love Ireland, get this wonderful book and find my photo! It was taken in 2009 at Bundoran beach during a surfing trip. Road trips truly are one the most fantastic things you can do in Ireland, even more so to hit the waves on the west coast. No matter the weather ­čÖé

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Home: found.

Berlin T-shirts

As the train leaves Berlin behind, I am struck by the fact that I’m leaving home. It’s been less than two months since I came in to check if there was any chance left for Germany in me. London was calling at a distance. I felt at home nowhere and everywhere, glomad-style. All that changed […]

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Do what you love, or love what you do?

I have about 70 posts on draft status, but it’s been a restless year so far, keeping me from fleshing out the details of my ideas. In the meantime I just came across this wonderful insight from Paul Buchheit (GMail’s creator), which truly everyone should read: It’s often said that you should “Do what you […]

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Feel Like Boarding the Concorde?

Concorde & Tupolev TU-144 at Sinheim Auto & Technik Museum

I’ve been to a few automobile and airplane exhibitions. Pearl Harbor, Taoyuan airport (Taiwan), Museo dell’Automobile (Turin)… fascinating collections. I thought I couldn’t be surprised by another one. Turns out the Germans really do it better. In the southwestern german state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg lies Sinsheim’s Auto & Technik Museum, the largest privately owned museum in […]

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24 Hours of Happy Working

The Despicables in 24 Hours of Happy

Pharrell Williams claims to provide 24h of joy with his new music clip. So I decided to put his clip to test by listening to it on a working day, only pausing it for sleep, meals and football. This happened…

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