Do what you love, or love what you do?

I have about 70 posts on draft status, but it’s been a restless year so far, keeping me from fleshing out the details of my ideas. In the meantime I just came across this wonderful insight from Paul Buchheit (GMail’s creator), which truly everyone should read: It’s often said that you should “Do what you […]

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Feel Like Boarding the Concorde?

Concorde & Tupolev TU-144 at Sinheim Auto & Technik Museum

I’ve been to a few automobile and airplane exhibitions. Pearl Harbor, Taoyuan airport (Taiwan), Museo dell’Automobile (Turin)… fascinating collections. I thought I couldn’t be surprised by another one. Turns out the Germans really do it better. In the southwestern german state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg lies Sinsheim’s Auto & Technik Museum, the largest privately owned museum in […]

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24 Hours of Happy Working

The Despicables in 24 Hours of Happy

Pharrell Williams claims to provide 24h of joy with his new music clip. So I decided to put his clip to test by listening to it on a working day, only pausing it for sleep, meals and football. This happened…

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The Perfect Coffee

The wise Samurai was looking for the perfect coffee…

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Rand Fishkin on Scaling Up Business


How much you should grow your business to a scale where you’re mostly managing a company instead of its product or service?

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