Thoughts on the new Webmaster Guidelines

Google has just updated its Help Center with renewed Webmaster Guidelines. In an effort to increase awareness, a few more details are now given to webmasters.  A very welcome addition is the official positioning on the Rich Snippet manipulation, which gives an indication that this issue is being more closely followed by Google. Besides a few […]

Search Masters Brasil 2012

This week, I’ve been featured in an interview for the upcoming Search Masters conference in Rio, which kickstarts August 9th! Here is the original Portuguese version, and here’s an automatic English translation. At the conference, I’ll be giving advice in the context of Google Troubleshooting and Reconsideration, while meeting a few old and many new […]

When partial penalty revocations are not enough

Today featured John Mueller’s confirmation that Google Does Partial Penalty Revocations, bringing some attention to one of the hot topics in the SEO world. While this may bring some hope to webmasters who might have abused only gray-area approaches of backlink acquisition, in many occasions it turns out to be impossible to clean up your act. If […]