Home: found.

As the train leaves Berlin behind, I am struck by the fact that I’m leaving home. It’s been less than two months since I came in to check if there was any chance left for Germany in me. London was calling at a distance. I felt at home nowhere and everywhere, glomad-style. All that changed […]

Feel Like Boarding the Concorde?

I’ve been to a few automobile and airplane exhibitions. Pearl Harbor, Taoyuan airport (Taiwan), Museo dell’Automobile (Turin)… fascinating collections. I thought I couldn’t be surprised by another one. Turns out the Germans really do it better. In the southwestern german state of Baden-Württemberg lies Sinsheim’s Auto & Technik Museum, the largest privately owned museum in […]

Munich dresses in blue and red!

FC Bayern and Chelsea FC have their final European battle this Saturday at 20:45 CET. It’s a special moment for football professionals and fans in Europe: the showdown between the two clubs that made it past all other opponents in the UEFA Champions League edition of 2011/2012, leaving Real Madrid and FC Barcelona behind in […]