From Alien to Local

Good news: I don’t feel like an alien anymore.

Some places are now familiar, and working outside the house becomes easier as you discover more comfy coffee places. Cafés in Taiwan don’t necessarily open early, but I like to leave the house in the morning. The only good spot open before 10am is the Starbucks second-floor balcony by the river. By the afternoon, I’m usually at a nearby gourmet burger bar with an even better balcony.

So what were the highlights of my second week in Taipei?

Certainly making the first Taiwanese friends, improving my status of worst bowling player in the history of humanity, and trying many more food delicacies such as bubble tea and tempura-style squid! You can also find a local version of the Portuguese Pastel de Nata in some places, but it pales in comparison… The local ice-cream is a more intriguing choice: it’s actually not cream, but real ice bits with your choice of topping. You can see a cup of it among the pictures below where I mixed almost all toppings:

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