A German Self-Reflection

In a land of one-eyed people, a two-eyed person is king:

Germany, to put it mildly, needs to fix its digital deficiencies. Where else in Europe are local health authorities faxing data on new infections to their capitals in 2021? Yes, faxing.

However, we are forgetting just how important young start-ups are, self-employed people, artists and others in the culture sector who no one thinks about because they are often not visible as individuals. And they are currently being crushed by bureaucracy.


The reality is that Germany is (like other nations with an imperial past) so hyped on its own past growth that it still cannot grasp where we’re headed to. The future is here and it’s not just migration and renewable energy… It’s digital automation, the blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralization and (if we fail at our present social and environmental challenges) disintegration.

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