Being Aaron Wall-ed Hi Aaron; I didn’t know I had an ilk! I do know when I’m mentioned publicly, thanks to Google Alerts. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it, as I don’t see a reason to follow your blog. You didn’t reach out to me either, so tell me: how are my thoughts on your blog any different […]

Find the date when a webpage was published

Google tip of the day: Finding the date when a webpage was first seen online. Let’s try the as_qdr parameter. This is the same as defining a Custom Range in the Search Tools shown between a query and its results. Here’s an example with a 15 year range: Take note of the date: 11 Dec […]

Thoughts on the new Webmaster Guidelines

Google has just updated its Help Center with renewed Webmaster Guidelines. In an effort to increase awareness, a few more details are now given to webmasters.  A very welcome addition is the official positioning on the Rich Snippet manipulation, which gives an indication that this issue is being more closely followed by Google. Besides a few […]